VitaminSEA SUP Yoga Maldives


Project: Brand Design & website design for a SUP Yoga School in the Maldives

Project Overview:
A new luxury stand-up yoga paddle boarding company, called ‘VitaminSEA’ is opening in the Maldives and is looking for a brand that appeals to their audience of women.

Client Brief:
Company name: VitaminSEA SUP Yoga Maldives

About the company: Vitamin Sea SUP Yoga is the Maldives first and only stand-up paddle boarding (“SUP”) yoga school.

Services we provide: We offer SUP yoga classes in the Maldives along with 7-day retreats that combine SUP yoga, healthy eating, meditation classes and adventure activities in the surrounding paradise of the Maldives.

Business mission/goal: Our mission is to expose women to the physical and mental health benefits of SUP Yoga along with the beauty of the Maldives islands. We aim to have women complete our classes and retreats with a renewed sense of energy and deeper sense of self-connection.

Our ideal customer: Our audience is primarily American and European women between the ages of 32 – 50 who are visiting the Maldives on vacation. Because the Maldives islands are filled with luxury villas, most of these women have high-powered corporate positions and are seeking a vacation refuge. These women believe in the power of healthy eating, being physically fit and activities that better themselves.

Brief summary of the project: We are a new company looking for a designer to create a brand and website. Emotions we want our brand to exude: Serene, calm, rejuvenating with a touch of luxury

Overall brand look + feel: We want the brand to feel expensive (without being gaudy or over the top) while feeling serene and rejuvenating. We’d love to incorporate some shades of blue, because when people think of the Maldives they think of the crystal clear turquoise waters. 

Mood board & Branding Style Board

Branding Style board Vitamin Sea.jpg

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