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In a time of so many businesses starting up, it is time to get your website out there to connect with your ideal clients! Stand out from the crowd, give people a reason not to forget you!

It is time to let yourself shine! 


Because right now you don’t have a website or the one that you DIY’ed yourself years ago is hiding away under a layer of dust!

You know that not having a proper website is a huge setback for your blooming business, your competitors will have an advantage over you, your are missing the chance to shine 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Without a proper website you are missing out on building that bridge to create a personal customer relationship.

Girl you finally took that step to follow your dreams, don’t let your website drag you down!


“You’re overwhelmed by all this website stuff, you’ve been piecing together advice from ‘know it all friends’, blog posts and online tutorials and yet you still feel lost and not sure what to do.

You’re ready to take your business to the next level and help more clients than you can handle, but you can’t move even one step further until you get that killer website that converts visitors into customers.

You’re ready for a website that reflects the true you, shows a business that has it together and looks professional, and shines brighter than any other competitive website!

You’re so not okay with not giving your business all it deserves, after all you finally decided to follow your dreams, give it every opportunity to succeed.  You’re ready to commit to work with a website designer one on one, a designer who believes in your business and motivates and encourages you!

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  • Your website didn’t quite get the memo that the time is now to shine

  • The only thing the wind carries into your inbox is tumbleweed

  • Your bank account is feeling sorry for it self

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  • Your website stands out from the crowd like sunflower; Big, bright and bold, strong and resilient and hard to miss in a room!

  • Visitors coming to your website are getting so excited your inbox can’t quite handle all the inquiries.

  • Your converting so many leads into customers, girl it is time to treat yourself to that one thing have you been saving for


2 week website awesomeness

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The process of building a website in just 2 weeks!

Don’t worry about a thing, I got you!

The first week we will grab a virtual cuppa and talk about your website dreams.  Afterwards it is time to hand it over to me. I will start building your website. For you, it is time to relax, book yourself a spa treatment, treat yourself, you are working towards your dreams! How awesome is that?!

In week 2 you get to see your website! In this week you can make as many edits as you want until you are happy with your site! On the last day we should get a bottle of champers ready as this is the day we launch your site. I will talk you through the Squarespace basics so that you know what to do and can update the website yourself. You will be a confident, independent girl boss that knows how to rock her website! Cheers!

Below you will find a detailed overview of what I will do and what you will have to do in order to make this a super smooth and easy process.

In any moment a decision you make can change the course of your life forever, choose now…choose well!
– Tony Robbins

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I will:

  • Send you a welcome packages will all the instructions & tips on what need to prepare before we start our 2 week website building.

  • Send you 2 questionnaires

  • Choose the best template that will suite your needs.

  • Be available only for you for the 2 whole weeks.

  • Create a website that is perfect for you!

  • Provide you with training at the end of our 2 weeks


You will:

  • Send all the content and images that is needed before we start our 2 week process.

  • Fill out a design questionnaire and make a Pinterest inspiration board before we start our 2 week process.

  • As I said during the 2 weeks it is time for you to relax. However I do ask you to set some time aside to respond to emails, give feedback and request edits.

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2 week Website Awesomeness

 $ 2500

· Free consultation call

· Personal, tailored website for desktop and mobile (up to 10 pages*)

· Customised Squarespace template

· Basic SEO services

· Domain Connection

· Mood board & Custom colour palette

· Email marketing system connection

· Unlimited edits for the 2 weeks we work together

· Lesson into the square space basics to empower you to manage and update your website yourself - This will be recorded so you use this as reference for the future

* 1 page is up to 2000 words or up to 40 pictures

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50% is due when booking, the other 50% is due upon completion.


Availability 2019

  • September 30th

  • October 14th

  • October 28th

  • October 11th

  • October 25th


Booking Inquiry

Step 1: Complete the inquiry form

Step 2: Book a free consultation call

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Let me introduce myself


Hi there! I am Aaltsje and I am a Squarespace web designer. I am originally from the Netherlands but followed my fiance to Scotland, to the Isle of Lewis!
I love to travel, chocolate, flowers and putting Ikea flat pack together (no joke). I love being creative and helping other creative entrepreneurs create an easy to manage website that takes your business to the next level.

Within 2 weeks we create the website of your dreams