Switching template

switching templates

It is never too late to be what you might have been – George Eliot

Who else knows this feeling: you missed a deadline or you had to do something and you did not manage to do it. Because of that one thing you decide ‘what is the point’? I screwed this up, let’s give up on the whole week. Another good example is when you are on a diet. When you have one bad day suddenly you give yourself permission to just throw it all away since you screwed up already. As Mel Robbins says it when we are overwhelmed, afraid or listening to self-doubt we check out and make bad decisions such as not eating the right thing, a decision not to write that blog, a decision not to get up on time. She uses an amazing tool called the 5 second rule. Count down from 5 to 1 and do it anyway!

I was supposed to have this blog ready on Tuesday. I had a lot going on and after my holiday I found it very difficult to get back on track. Mel Robbins trick is great but I am not saying it is easy because it is so much easier to ignore all the work you have to do and just plonk yourself on the couch to watch Netflix. But no great leaders were born through watching Netflix right?

So if you missed a deadline or something did not go as planned do not beat yourself up. 5,4,3,2,1 and step away from the pity party in misery. Do it anyway! Even if it is just a tiny step! A step forward is better than no step forward at all!

So I am happy to report I am back on my train tracks towards awesomes I am going to tell you in this blog about what you need to know about switching templates in Squarespace. You might have built your website a year ago and looking at it now you are you like what the hell was I thinking, I want something different. Not to worry you can change it up by changing your template. This will avoid you starting over completely from scratch. You can change the template at any time and as often as you like. You customers will only see the one template that is live at the moment! You cannot have more than 1 template installed. When you install the template you can see what it looks like by clicking on preview. If you think that this new template is the one for you, you can set it as your live template so that it is now visible to your visitors. When you start testing new templates you don’t have to worry about losing the design and layout of your original installed template. Like my template is Moksha, should I want to play around with let say Bedford and decide I don’t like it and switch back I will find my Moksha template the way I left it.

Let start shall we:

Step 1 - Layout changes

When you change over most of your content will move with the template you choose. Each template has unique features so when switching templates make sure you choose one that can support the features that are important to you. Things that are template specific are: Sidebars, Banners, Background images, page header and footer, footer navigation and index pages. When switching templates. When switching templates the following will be reset in the new template: Sidebars, Background image and page headers. You will just have to add the content. Tip make a print screen of your website before changing over and you can use that as a reference.

Step 2 - Installing the new template

To install a new template head over to home -> Design -> Template.

As you can see below click on the button ‘Install new template’

instal new template.jpg

Then you can browse through all the amazing template Squarespace has to offer. When you find the one you are happy with hover over it and click on the ‘Start With’ Button. Also if you want to see what the template looks like you can preview the template’s demo site. Once you have chosen the template it will show up in the template panel, below live template.

Step 3 – Preview the template

To view your new template hover over the template and click preview. The new template will have all the demo content to show you an example of what structure and style options are available for that template. These are demo pages and your visitors won’t see these pages. Now all the pages you created in the other template have been moved over as well and you can find them in the NOT LINKED section in the pages panel. You can move these about as you start playing around with this template. Squarespace recommends not to delete pages in the preview mode as this can have effect on the live site. Instead, move pages to the NOT LINKED section so that the page is not directly accessible to your visitors.

If you decide that the new template is actually not for you hit the ‘Cancel Preview’ in the bottom bar.

Step 4 – Style it up!

Head over to site styles to edit the design, fonts, colours, backgrounds, padding etc. Now remember each template has its own special styling options so this might be different from the template you had! Have fun with this, play around and see what works for you! This all happens behind the scenes so you visitors will not see any changes you make until you publish the template!

Step 5 – Publishing time
Now that you have your new template ready you can click button that says ‘Set as life template’ at the bottom of the page. A message will pop up asking you to confirm the changes made.
Now your website is ready to step out into the light and shine!

If you decide that actually this template is not for you, you can uninstall the template. When you uninstall all the template-specific changes you made will be deleted such as styles, navigation order, sidebars and footers. So the steps to uninstall are as follows. Head over to the template panel. If the template is set to make, select another template to be the live version. You will have need to have a template selected. You cannot uninstall a live template. Hover over the template you want to delate and click uninstall. A message will pop up for you to confirm the changes.


  • If you have more templates installed you can identify the live one with the word live next to it and it is also at the top of the list in the templates panel.

  • If you are previewing another template, this will have a label of preview on it

  • Some changes you make can have effect on your live site. Template specific changes won’t be visible until you publish the new template. Other examples of template specific changes are: Site Styles changes (e.g. fonts and colours), Custom CSS , Navigation link order (pages moved into or out of the Not Linked section), Homepage settings, Sidebar content, Footer content, Page headers and footers, background images

  • Non template specific changes such as content, blocks, blog posts, gallery images etc. can be seen by customers while you preview a template.


That is it! Easy does it!….right?! Well for me it is, but I can imagine that you might be a bit overwhelmed with changing up a website while running a side hustle. The thing is I happen to love creating unique websites for my clients. Click on the below button to inquire and book a free consultation call!

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