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Don't fear failure so much that you refuse to try new things. The saddest summary of a life contains three descriptions: could have, might have, and should have.
~ Louis E. Boone

The summary blocks are great to present your content like blog posts in a magazine style layout.
There are 4 summary blocks and all have slight different styles depending on the template you choose. 

You can use summary blocks for:
·         To highlight your blog page or gallery page on your home page.
·         Highlight your new products or the ones that are on sale on your home page
·         It gives you a change to display blog posts in a different layout that is not available with your template
·         It can highlight events you have going on
·         A summary block can help change the layout of content with too much effort

Wall Summary block

The summary block shows the layout in a masonry style. The name derives from the jQuery Masonry Plugin that is used to make this layout. This style is sometimes referred to Pinterest style layout as this was the first big website to use this layout. The Masonry layout is a grid layout based on columns.

Carousel Summary Block

This block shows a specific number of items at a time. It has navigation arrows to scroll through the content.

List Summary block

This block speaks for itself it shows the items in a single column with the thumbnail image on one side and the text on the other side.

Grid Summary Block

This display content in an even grid 

To add a summary block open a new page. Click on the horizontal raindrop, the insert point and head over to the summary blocks then select the block you would like to use.

When you have click on the summary block of your choice the block editor will open up.  Now you need to choose what you want to have feature in the summary block e.g. blog page, gallery page, events page, project page, or products page. Per summary block you can only add one type of content, but you can add multiple blocks to feature different types of content.

To edit the layout head over to the layout tab and as you play around with the settings the changes can be viewed in real time.

With the summary block you cant open items in a new window. If you want items to open up in a separate window the Gallery block would be more appropriate.

In the display option you can choose what you to have shown in the block e.g. do you want to show the title, thumbnail, excerpt, or show the read more link. Do you want to show any primary Meta date or secondary Meta data? Again play around with this to see what you like!

Number of items

Here you can select how many items you want to display the maximum is 30 items

Primary information display

Just check or uncheck what you want to have displayed.

Event time frame

Here you can decide if you want past events or upcoming events to show.  If you want both to show, add two summary blocks.

Primary Metadata

Choose the information you want to display. Depending on the item you want to add you can select Date Posted, Category, Tags, Author, Location, Comments, or None.

Secondary Metadata

Any additional information can be shared here, depending on the item you can add Date Posted, Category, Tags, Author, Location, Comments, or None.

Category filter

You can decide to only display certain categories. To do this enter the category in the filter box. You can add these categories when writing blog posts, and it is highly recommended you do because it also makes it easier for your customer to search what they are looking for.

Tag Filter

You can also decide to display content with certain tags. Add the tags to the box.

Featured filter

If you want to display only featured posts you can do that with this filter. You must ensure to that the feature post is checked in blog post editor.

At any time you can change between the 4 layouts of the summary block. Also you can switch up the content shown in the summary block by switching the content you want to have featured.

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