Sliding testimonials: A Quick and Easy Guide on How to Create This in Squarespace!

Sliding testimonials

It only serves to show what sort of person a man must be who can't even get testimonials. No, no; if a man brings references, it proves nothing; but if he can't, it proves a great deal.~ Joseph Pulitzer

In this blog I will teach you how you can proudly show off your client testimonials on your website!

Testimonials are very important aspect of your business. It builds trust and credibility. People are often hesitant of buying products or services online because they are unsure if it will it work, if it has been bought it and if it is worth it! So if you see a nice story from a customer that bought the product it makes it more personal and potential customers are put at ease.

Testimonials gives you a chance to connect with your customers. People choose based on emotions and when they read a testimonial they can relate too it makes them feel good and make them feel connected to you.

I always read testimonials, I gives me the security that it is okay to buy because this other lady that bought the product had the same problem as me and this product was the solution she was waiting for! It changed her life. Well I want my life to be changed too, if it happened for her I can happen for me too!

Testimonials brings the customer a step closer to buying your product! When you are starting out with your business you might not have any testimonials but start as soon as you can start collecting the testimonials and display proudly on your website!

Now how can we display them on Squarespace?

I am going to show you step by step a creative way of displaying them by using the summary block. If you want to learn more about summary blocks, head over to my blog post on summary blocks right here!

1)      Head over to pages an in the ‘Not Linked’ section create a blog and call it testimonials, feedback, reviews or whatever make you happy

2)      Click on the plus button to add a blog post

3)      In the content area put the name of the person who wrote the testimonials in the title area, leave the rest blank and head over to the ‘Options’ tab

4)      In the Excerpt block you then add 1 testimonial

Excerpt example

5)      Hit save and publish

6)      Create a blog like this for all the testimonials you have or would like to have displayed

One blog post per person.jpg

7)      Then you head over to the page where you would like the testimonial to feature

8)      Then insert the carousel summary block

Carousel summary block.jpg

9)      To display your testimonials choose the blog page that has your testimonials on it!

Display testimonials.jpg

10)   Head over to layout

11)   Change the items per row to 1 so that one testimonial is feature at a time

12)   Delete the header text

13)   Head over to display

14)   Unclick show title, thumbnail. All you want to have displayed is the excerpt text

15)   Set the primary and secondary meta date to none

16)   Apply and save

Display testimonials 2.jpg

Now the testimonials will show up in date order of when the blog posts were created. So if you want the testimonials to show up in a certain order make sure to put them in the order of newest too old.

Newest being the testimonials you want to be shown first and old the last one you want to have featured. You can play around with the dates.

Then what you end up with is something like this:

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