6 of my favourite self care habits

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In this post I will share something I learned that I thought you might like too!

I am sure I am not the only one trying to pursue the best life and following dreams however in the pursuit of this we sometimes forgot about taking care of ourselves. Taking care of yourself is very important, and as the famous quote says:

you can’t poor from an empty cup, you have to take care of yourself first

Being in the creative business, to keep that creativity flowing you have to take care of yourself, because if you burn yourself out nothing good will come of that. I am very bad for getting very busy working on the things I love but then getting so obsessed with it that I forget to eat healthy, go to the gym or give myself a chance to pamper myself. 

The thing is with self-care it is not like a one-time fix. So that one spa day is not going to put you right for the rest of your life haha. We need to keep working on ourselves! And I know from experience it goes in ups and downs. Some weeks I am on the ball, and I meet all my goals e.g. gym, eating healthy, meditation and working on my business. Other weeks I just can't get myself to do it. Those weeks it is so easy to just crawl on the couch and watch Netflix, however and we know this in the back of our mind, you end up paying for it as you will have less energy, get sick or cranky.

The most important thing though is not to beat yourself up about it, or to think that 1 day of bad behaviour has ruined it for the rest of the week and you give yourself permission to just go all out! haha I have done this many times whoops.

You are worth it! So what kind of habits could we do on a daily basis to give our lovely selves a wee treat? In this blog post I will share a couple of my favourite habits with you! 

1) Exercise

Now I love and hate exercise myself. Once I am in the flow I absolutely love it! I feel amazing and strong. See skipping one lesson can throw you off for weeks. However try to get back into exercising. Exercising will give you so much energy and it is good for a healthy life style. As per the NHS it should be obvious that we all should exercise. It is essential they say if you want to live a healthy and fulfilling and long life. Medically proven, exercising improves heart disease, depression, dementia and there are many more medical benefits.

Anyone remember legally blond? Where Elle says:

Exercise gives you endorphins, Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husband, they just don’t!'

The thought of exercise is often what keeps on from doing it but apply Mel Robbins 5 second rule and do it anyway! Believe me you will feel better for it and as Elle says Endorphins make you happy!

2) Go outside

I am lucky that I live close by the beach and whenever I go to the beach I just feel myself relax! I just love the sound of the waves hitting the beach, the wildlife and the views. I could just sit there forever and just feel amazing. Again I will be honest, even with a beach so close by I don't go there often enough. Because the effort it takes to go the beach in my mind, is a lot of hassle (I know it’s stupid, but even though it is your mind it doesn’t mean that is your best friend!).  But being outside has so many benefits. It will help you sleep better, strengthens mental health reduces stress and increases memory and attention span. There are many more reasons why it is good you!

3) Eat Healthy

You have to fuel your body with food that will make you feel energetic and strong. You can't put the wrong type of fuel in a car and expect it to run like normal. When your body gets the nutrition it needs it will keep you fuelled and you will have more energy throughout the day. I know myself when I exercise and eat healthy I feel so good, but working in an office with loads of bad food around and Christmas time coming up it is so difficult not to eat that lovely home baking, cakes and other snacks. Obviously there is not harm in treating yourself every now and then. But don't do it every day. Unhealthy food are just empty calories, they will leave you feel empty and tired. One thing that helps me stay on the healthy train is to prep my food. I make a big pot of soup and freeze the left overs. I prepare my smoothie the night before. Then on days where I don’t feel like eating healthy I have already prepped it and I have got to eat it, otherwise it will go to waste.

4) Saying No

Life can be very busy with loads of social commitments. A social life is very important but please don’t be afraid to say NO every now and then. Sometimes I just really need a night in, with a nice glass of wine and a movie instead of going out with friends. Once you are all recharged and full of energy again you can meet up with your friends and be your lovely bubbly self!

5) Meditation and gratitude

I am a beginner in meditation and it is very difficult for me sometimes to sit still and not think of anything. But regardless of whether I am completely zen or not I had 10 minutes of me time. Meditation can help with anxiety, stress, improve hearth health, and boost your mood. There are many articles online explaining the medical reasons why meditation is good for you. My mind is often all over the place and meditation just helps me organize and analyse my thoughts, I find it relaxing and my boosts my mood.

After I meditate I write in my gratitude journal. I just write down whatever happened today that I am grateful for. See when you are in a bad mood...start naming the things you are grateful for! It helps, because it makes you realise how lucky you are and what an amazing life you actually have. 

6) Pamper yourself

This is one of my favourites! I just love to take an afternoon off and book a massage, haircut, getting my nails done or putting on a facemask.  It is a great way to recharge and rejuvenate. Afterwards you feel like you can take on the world!

So in this blog I discussed 6 things I like to do the take care of myself. I am the first to admit it is not always easy and sometimes I am completely of the self-care track. But I always make it back on it, I feel so much better for it. Remember you are worth it! Don’t feel guilty for taking care of yourself. Your business, family and friends will benefit more from you if take care of yourself because your cup is full and you can poor your amazing self out into the world.

I have created 3 types of wall art for you with self care quotes. You can print them out and put it in sight to remind yourself to take care of yourself!