6 Reasons why I choose Squarespace

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A couple of years ago….

In 2016 my mum and dad emigrated from the Netherlands to Austria to take over a house with 4 self-catering apartments (www.haustaekema.com). They followed their dreams but had never run a business in hospitality in their lives. With the business came a website which was in desperate need for an update. They decided to hire a family friend to do the website and myself and my sister would help out with this project as well. I soon spend many nights trying to figure out how to work with word-press, why things were happening and how to fix them. I got so fed up with it because there was nobody I could reach out too for help. After a while I came across this platform called Squarespace and what a breath of fresh air they are!

In this blog post I will tell you 6 reasons why I love Squarespace!

First of all Customer Service!

So my mum and dad’s website is still run on the word-press platform. The other week a massive error message appeared on their website. My mum called me in a panic asking what to do? The thing with word-press is that there is no direct contact number, email or chat you can go to. I asked the family friend who is a word-press web designer if he knew what to do and he had no idea. I ended up researching for weeks what the problem was, posting my query on different forums to try and figure out what was happening. In the mean time people landing on my mum and dad’s website didn’t trust the business because of this error message.

The great thing with Squarespace is their customer service. Whenever you have an issue, question or concern you just get in contact with them via email or the live chat. From experience I can say it is amazing. I have emailed them on several occasions and they get back to you within 24 hours. On day they even made me a personal ‘how to video’ to fix something on my own website making it so easy to solve the issue. They are available 24/7, are very friendly and work very hard to find you a solution.


With Squarespace pricing plans, you can chose between 2 website packages and 2 commerce packages. They are clearly described on the website and vary between £10 to £37 a month depending on the plan you choose and whether you pay monthly or yearly. Now on average this might be slightly more than what you would pay with for example wordpress. But the service you get is so much better that it is well worth it!

Easy to use!

Squarespace works with a drag and drop functionality which means that you don’t need to know about coding! Whoop whoop! You want a picture on your home page, drag the picture block over and insert the picture. It is that simple. There are no plugins you need to install or and no need to update them every week. Everything is under one roof with Squarespace!

Everything you need is under one roof

Everything you need is available on Squarespace.  Other things they offer are domain names and hosting, guides to build mailing lists, send email campaigns, SEO optimization and you could even make your logo with Squarespace.

Beautiful designs

Squarespace offers beautiful templates you can chose from. There is a lot of variety and once you choose your template you can choose what you like about the template or reorganise the whole thing. I always like to strip it back to an empty canvas and start from scratch so that your website is going to stand out!

Low maintenance

No plugins! Hallelujah! Every week I have to update the plugins on my mum and dad’s website and every time I keep my fingers crossed that the updates go through okay and that there are no faults in the updates that would potentially put errors on their website. With Squarespace you do not have to worry. They take care of all the updates, maintenance and security issues. And as mentioned should you run into issues they have your back. Get in touch and they help you right away!  

These are my 6 reasons why I chose Squarespace! I just love it, it is so straight forward and easy!

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