A simple guide to quickly figure out who you are and why you do the things do!

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To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. ~  Ralph Waldo Emerson

In this blog post I will talk about how to figure out who you are by one simple test! Now no matter where you are in life, if you want to follow a dream or you are quite happy were you are, to learn more about yourself can be quite eye opening and amazing. 

Who are you, why do you do the things you do? You know it can be quite difficult sometimes to describe who you are or why you do certain things. Sometimes it is easier for the outside world the tell you because they see you from a different perspective.  When I started on my journey of living creatively I needed to figure out what my skills actually were. What am I good in and what skills can I use to make it into a business that can travel with me while still being creative. 

I followed the course that was created by the Bucketlist bombshells. They have amazing courses that will give you the stepping stones to work online, travel the world and live creatively. They shared in one of their courses to take the 16 personality test to discover what your soft skills are. Soft skills are things like being a good listener, leadership, etiquette, getting along with others etc. 

So what is a personality test I hear you say? Personality tests helps you understand your interpersonal skills, the motivation and inspiration that drive you, and guides you towards jobs that would work well for you. 

The 16 Personality test

The 16 personality test is a test that will describe how you belong to a specific personality type  and how you are likely to behave. The website will outline certain indicators and tendencies. Obviously we humans are all different and cannot be put in a box for that to be the answer for every thing, we are all beautiful in different ways, so don't take this test as the gospel. The test is to inspire personal growth and grow an understanding of yourself. 

How does it work

Head over to www.16personalities.com and take the test. This test it totally free! Click on the button 'Take the test'

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The test only takes 12 minutes. Make you answer honestly even if that answer sucks and you don't like it. For this test to give you an accurate reading try not to leave to many answers in the neutral column 

Then you go through all the questions. The questions are types of statements and you rate it on a scale from fully agree to fully disagree. 

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Once you have done all the questions, it will come back with a personality type that suites you based on the answers you gave. Now an important note! If you would take the test tomorrow again or in an years time the result might be different. You might have developed skills or feel emotionally stronger, that will put you into a different category. 

Nevertheless this test is as said before to inspire personal growth and it crazy how accurate it is! I myself fall into the category of the INFJ. When reading about this type there were a lot of things that resonated with me! After the test is completed you get a overview of what your type’s strengths and weaknesses are, how you are in relationships, friendships, parenthood and what career would suit you & workplace habits.

They also give an overview of famous persons in the same group as you, these are some of the people in my group, not to shabby I would think haha.

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Curious to see who is in your group, head over to the 16 personality test and have fun exploring yourself!

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