What do you need to organize before designing a website

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Yes you have decided you want to go ahead and build that website of your dreams! Now what? Just like cooking you need certain key ingredients first before you can start whisking up that lovely dish/website! Your web designer will be your chef, however they will need some ingredients from you before they can start cooking/designing

In this blog post I will talk you through 5 key ingredients you need before you can even thing about designing a website.


Pinterest mood board

Ideal Client Avatar

Brand and style

Text content



First of all, grab a cuppa or a glass of wine, put on your favourite tunes and get in the zone!


A Pinterest board is a great way to gather pictures, colours and textures that can be the guide and inspiration to your website look and feel! There is no limits here! Pin as many pictures to your board as you like. The more the better!

Ideal Client Avatar

Who are your ideal clients? The procedure to identify your ideal client will solve challenges like how to market for your client, what promotions to use and how to speak to them. This might take a bit of time, but it is crucial to your business success. To create an Ideal Client Avatar these or some examples questions you should be able to answer:

• What is their name, age and gender?

• Where do the live, work?

• What are their hobbies and Passions?

• What are their challenges and pain points?

• Which social media channels do they use?

• What are their goals and values?

• Where do they get their information e.g. Social media, magazines, books?

• Where was the last vacation and why did this person love it so much?

• What are some of her/his favourite clothing brands?

• Who do they follow online?

Branding and Style

Use the below questions to inform your Web Designer about you and the amazing brand you’re envisioning. They can then use this to create your new website and if they offer the service a new brand as well. Please provide as much detail as possible. The more information that you can provide, the more helpful it is for the Web Designer to create a brand you love

• Company name

• About your company

• Products/services you provide

• Business mission/goal

• Brief summary of the project

• What emotions do you want your brand to exude: ex. joyful, expensive, calm, loud etc.

• Overall brand look + feel: what overall style are you envisioning?

• Colour story: What colours are you drawn to? or not drawn to? A fabulous website to choose colour schemes is https://coolors.co/

• Inspiration: What is this inspiration behind your company/brand? Have links ready to other brands, websites with a reason as to WHY you love it.

Text content

You will need to prepare your content for pages such as; Home Page, About Page, Services Page, Coming Soon, Portfolio, Contact Page, 404 Error Page. When writing content keep your ideal client in mind. Your Web Designer is not going to read over your content to check for spelling and grammar etc. so please make sure you have read and checked your content before submitting it. Here are some tips to keep in mind when writing:

• Make it easy to read

• Use short paragraphs and sentences

• Don’t use jargon

• Avoid unnecessary repetition

• Use images to support your text

• Use active verbs


Whatever you do, do not take any random photo of the internet! All photos are licensed under the copyright law. You could get into serious trouble if you just choose any random pictures. What you could do

• Become the photographer yourself and make the pictures yourself and no do not use your mobile phone pictures

• Hire a photographer

• Use image that are copyright free





• Buy stock photos


www. Etsy.com


The website designer is not responsible for the pictures you choose or any infringement issues that may arise if you choose photos that you provided to be used on the website!


Once you gathered the 5 key ingredients, it is time to hand over this information to your website designer! You will need to have this information ready if you want your website to be ready in 2 weeks!


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