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main navigation vs not linked

If I can create some space that people haven’t experienced before and it stays with them or gives them a dream for the future, that's the kind of structure I seek to create' ~ Tadao Ando

When building your website the pages panel is where you create your website basically it is where you structure it. This can range from your contact page, portfolio page, about page, gallery page and more. When I first started off I got really confused with Main Navigation and the Not linked section. I know there are many beginning web designers out there and I figured to write a short blog about the difference between the two.

Main Navigation

The main navigation is also called the primary navigation or top navigation. It appears at the top of your website or as the hamburger menu on your mobile phone. Often people have work with me, blog or contact in the main navigation. You add the things there that you want your customers definitely to go. When you create pages for the main navigation, the order you create them in is the order they will appear in the main top navigation.

So for example I build my blog page first, then the work with me page, followed by the contact page it will appear in the same order in the main navigation. If you want to change the order around, just drag and drop the pages in the order you want.

To change the look and feel of main navigation you can head over to site styles panel to change it up. Remember each template will have its own tweaks.

main navigation
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Not Linked Section

Pages that are created in the Not Linked section do not show up in the main navigation. If a customer has the full URL it can access the page or by clicking on a link. You can however restrict the access to the page by adding a password to it. The not linked section is handy for keeping your main navigation organised and clean. You do not want to clutter the main navigation!

The order in which the pages are created does not matter in the 'Not Linked section'. Example of my not linked section are my portfolio page. I created a link at the bottom of my page to access it. But if I didn't create that link nobody would know that that page was there unless the had the full URL.

So imagine the main navigation as the dinner on your table. However you want to add some Ketchup to your meal and this is not on the table. The Ketchup is in a cabinet somewhere. So the ketchup is available but only if you know where to go and look.

Right this was just a wee (short) blog as we say in Scotland! Should you have any questions as always don’t hesitate to get in touch by leaving a comment down below or send me an email.

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