Inspiring people that followed their dreams: Jim Kwik

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I am going to write several blogs about people that I have found to be an inspiration. People that had a dream and never gave up, no matter what the challenges they faced. I hope by writing these blogs you too can see that dreams don't just happen. You don't go to bed with an idea and tadaa the next morning it is there waiting for you. I takes hard work, courage, motivation and not giving up. In this blog I will be speaking about Jim Kwik.


Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers ~ Harry S. Truman 

I like to watch motivational videos on YouTube because whenever my mind takes over and feels overwhelmed listening to someone like Oprah, Tony Robbins or Mel Robbins takes me out of my clouds and out of my mind and back to my game plan.

Through watching these videos I came across a guy called Jim Kwik, maybe you have heard of him? In this blog I will talk about who Jim Kwik is and his techniques for reading a book a week. As he says leaders are readers! Now I always see loads of books I want to read, but find it difficult sometimes to commit to this and I am keen to put his techniques into practice. Because we entrepreneurs need to educate ourselves and keeps learning and developing and ideas in are ideas out!

Jim Kwik had a brain injury when he was a child. When he was at school the kids noticed there were fire engines outside and. Jim Kwik was very curious as fire-fighters were his heroes that he grabbed a chair to climb up to look out the windows to get a better view. One of the school kids pulled the chair from underneath him and he fell with his head on the radiator. After that accident he was never really the same, he got really shy and had difficulties learning. He found it difficult to understand what was being thought at school and he also was not able to read. Teachers referred to him as the boy with the broken brain. It took him another 3 years to finally learn how to read and you know how he did that? By reading comic books at night! One day he had to do a book report and his topic was Leonardo Da Vinci. He read everything there was to read about him and this book report was going to weigh very high as he had difficulty learning this was his chance to put up his marks. However when the day came that he had to stand in front of the class he couldn’t do it. Over the years after his accident because he didn’t fit in and couldn’t follow along he got so shy that giving a presentation in front of a class room was just terrifying. He lied and told the teacher he did not do the book report while the report was actually in his back pack. He got a zero.

Jim Kwik says our brain is a super computer and very much effected by our self-talk. So if we say to our self we are not good enough, your brain is like okay that’s now programmed. So you have to be so so careful what you think!

When he was 18 he wanted to walk away from home, but his friend convinced him to come away with him to his family for the weekend. When the dad of this friend asks Jim what school is like he breaks down. His friends dad spreads out his fingers about 25 cm apart and says to Jim that everything he wants to accomplish in only that much apart.  What he is trying to say is that everything is possible basically if you put your mind to it. After that Jim started studying like crazy until one night, where he passed out in the library, falling down a flight of stairs, hitting his head again! He woke up in hospital 2 days after. He was very down but also thought there has to be a way of fixing this. As he lies in the hospital bed a nurse walks in with a cup of tea with a picture of Albert Einstein on it with the quote: “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”

He came to the conclusion that in order to get better and needed to figure out how to combat his slow brain, how to learn faster. He realised that to get better, he needed to learn ‘how to learn’, how the brain works. It was a long journey to learn about the brain. Why his was ‘broken’ and how could he fix it. He learned many different learning habits, and discovered that we can rebuild our brains. His brain wasn’t broken it just needed a better owner’s manual as he says himself

I get so inspired when I see his videos. What a determination this guy has! Life is not easy and it will never be easy. Sometimes we work so hard without getting the results you want, maybe we should just take a minute and perhaps upgrade our owner’s manual?

Now leaders are readers as I mentioned earlier. How do we get to read 52 books a year, one book a week? Here are some tips from Jim Kwik

1) Keep an active book list. Right down all the books that get recommended to you. It is almost like a to-do list. When you create a list of books to read you don’t have to loose time over choosing a book you want to read.

2) Do a speed reading test. Pick up a book and time yourself reading for 60 seconds.  After 60 minutes count how many lines you read.

3) On average a book has about 64000 words. If you read 200 words per minute it takes about 320 minutes to read a book cover to cover.  If you divide that by 7 days that is about 45 minutes a day. When you break it down it becomes easier and not so overwhelming!

4) Schedule your reading. If you schedule it, it becomes real, if you just talk about it is probably not going to happen. Schedule it around your peak times when you are most awake and aware.

Now if you read about 45 minutes a day, you can read a book a week, 52 books a year!

Want to hear more from this inspiring guy? Have a look on his website or listen to his podcast! very interesting and inspiring!

Hope you enjoyed this blog, if you like to read more about a specific person that inspires you, let me know via the comments or send me an email.

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