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An index page is a like a long scrolling page with different sections. It is stacking multiple pages on top of each other, which makes one long scrolling page. You can very easily click and drag these sections to any order you would like! Do note that the index page is only available to certain templates!

So how do we create an index page?

So head over to home, then click on pages. You can decide whether you want your index page in the main navigation or not link section. The difference between Main navigation and not linked is explained in this blog post.

So wherever you want to have the index page, click on the plus button and select the index page. Give the index page a name for example home page. Then you can go ahead and start adding sections. If you head over to my ‘work with me’ page you can see an example of an index page. This page consist of 12 index pages! You can if you wish up to 100 sections to your index however Squarespace does not recommend that because well first of all that is a bit long isn’t it and your website will take longer to load. There are 2 types of sections you can add, the content section and the gallery section.

The content is probably the one you would use the most. Once you added your first section you can start editing by clicking on the gear icon that shows up next to the sections you created. Or you can head over to page itself and hover over the top of the section and you can click on settings tab. Both take you to the same place

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It is a good idea to start off your first section with adding a banner. As always when adding pictures make sure the pictures are optimised for the website. If you are thinking ‘Ah…I have no clue how to optimise my pictures’ lucky for you I wrote a blog post about it which you can find right here!

To this banner you can then add your welcome text or buttons or whatever you fancy. The next section you can add is the gallery page. Add a new section and add a gallery. A page will pop up where it says: ‘This collection is empty. Click here to add your first item’. When you click on that, it will allow you to upload photos from your computer.

The difference between the gallery page and the content page, is that the gallery page just shows the pictures. You can add title text and a body text but it is very limited

Now if you want to add a title to one of your pictures for the gallery section you hover over that specific picture and click on the gear icon. A window will pop up, where it will allow you to add a title and a brief description. In the options tab you can also make this photo clickable to another page.

When you hover over the picture, it will give the option to click on the gear icon:

Once you do this box below will open up:

index page explained

If you want to edit the style of the text you will have to work together with site styles!

This is definitely a fun way to change up your website in a creative way

stacked index page section.jpg

When you upload the pictures to your gallery, they work in the order from left to right. So whatever picture is the first left, will show up as this picture above here with the tea cup. But you can click and drag the pictures in any direction you want. Also keep in mind, that different templates might have different styling options. My website is the ‘Moksha’ template with is part of the Brine family.

Within my template there are 4 options for the layout of the pictures. The above picture is an example of the ‘Packed’ option. You can also choose from Split, Grid and Slideshow. This can all be changed in the famous site styles. Each layout has its own style options. For example with the slide show you can decide if you want to auto play, choose how many seconds you want in between each pictures and many other options. For the packed option you can change up the spacing between the pictures, aspect ratio and again many more options.

Now the fun bit, so over to your website and play around! See what works for you and this trick will definitely make your website look unique!

If you are saying ‘Fun??!! I have no time for this carry on’ I hear you. All you want to do is focus on your dream job. Here is the thing, I happen to love creating unique websites for my clients. Click on the below button to inquire and book a free consultation call!

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