The basics of the internet explained

Basic internet explained

‘We are all now connected by the internet, like neurons in a giant brain’ ~ Stephen Hawking


How does this internet actually work, what is a domain name and what is a website? We all take it granted sometimes and stick our heads in the sands if we don’t understand. In this blog I am going to explain some of the basics so you might get a better understanding of how it all works.

The internet – The internet is a large network of computers that has information on it which can be accessed by anybody that is connected to this internet. The internet is like a big umbrella and underneath the umbrella you have all the unique technologies that are possible on the internet. One example is the World Wide Web.

World Wide Web – This is a massive collection of documents that link to each other. One document is a web page. A group of web pages that is published by the same person is a website!

Website – A website is a collection of web pages made up with HTML, CSS & JavaScript

Browsers - A browser is a program that helps us navigate the World Wide Web. It interprets the HTML, CSS and JavaScript by using an Graphical user interface Examples are Firefox and Google Chrome.

Server – A server is a computer program that gives services to other computer programs and clients. The computer that I used to run the server program is also called a server. The server is used for collection date and sending data, for hosting website, hosting video games and streaming. Examples of servers are FTP server, Proxy servers, Online game servers, Web Servers, Chat servers, Mail Servers and many more.

IP Address – Each device has its unique internet protocol address (IP address) This helps computers find each other. These consist of a bunch of numbers.

Domain name – Because the IP address is not as easy to remember with all those numbers, they created domain names. A domain name is like or

Domain name providers - This is a business that sells website names such as A common company that sells names s GoDaddy. I bought my website name via Squarespace which is very handy as you only have to go to one place to buy the website name and build the website.

Computer at home – Our computer is not a server as it is not directly connected to the internet. Our computers are connected through the internet via an internet service provider.

Internet service providers – They are the companies that connect you and I to the internet. Example of service providers in the UK are Virgin media, BT, TalkTalk or Sky.

Router – A router is a small box that allows data to flow to and from the internet to your computer.

Website builder - Website builders are platforms that allows the construction of websites without coding. This saves us writing lines of code which can be quite difficult. Major website builders are there are Squarespace, WordPress and Wix.

Backend - The backend of a website can only be seen by people who are the editor of the website. This is where you make changes and update your website.

SEO: Search Engine optimisation is a process that is used to send a signal to the search engines that your page is good enough to show up in the Google index. One way of increasing your sites visibility is through blogging.

Cache - Cache data is information which comes from a website or an app that is stored on your computer. This is done so that your machine has the information for the next time you visit a website.

CSS - This stand for Cascading Style Sheets and this is used to describe how HTML elements are shown on the screen.

HTML - Hyper Text Markup Language is used to create web pages and web applications. Together with CSS and JavaScript these are the most important technologies for the world wide web.

JavaScript - JavaScript is some kind of coding that creates animated things happen on your website. You need JavaScript to get a popup or a live clock

HEX colour code - This code is made up of numbers and letters that define a colour. This is very handy when you want to use the same colour on your website and all other design items.

RSS Feed - An RSS is a link that automatically pull new content from your blog and it will get automatically shared in other places. For example Bloglovin.

HTTP - This stand for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. The World Wide Web is the communicating between web clients and the servers. This communication is done by sending HTTP requests and receiving HTTP responses.

HTTPS - Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure. This is the secure way of communicating!

Crawl - Search engines crawl through your website to collect info about your website.

These are some of the basics of the internet and the World Wide Web! It seems daunting sometimes as it is almost like electricity, difficult to understand how it works. But hopefully these basic explanation shed some light on the magically kingdom that is the World Wide Web. Should you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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