Squarespace Announcement bar: A step by step guide

squarespace announcement bar step by step guide

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This is a quick explanation on how to enable your announcement bar to make sure all your important messages stand out from the crowd!

An announcement bar is a great way to highlight custom message above your site. You can use it to promote a sale, promotion, opening hours, scheduled site maintenance. This bar will show on every page except for the cover page and it cannot be customised to show on 1 page. It is all or nothing.

Note that this feature is only available in the Squarespace business plans and higher. It is not available in the personal plan.

To create the announcement bar follow the next quick and easy steps:

1)      Head over to Marketing

2)      Click on the announcement bar button

Announcement bar.jpg

3)      Choose enable announcement bar

Enable announcement bar

4)      Then fill in the text you want to have displayed on top of your website

5)      You can make the whole announcement bar into a link by adding a Click through URL

Text and link through.jpg

6)      Hit save and you got yourself an announcement bar

To style the announcement you have to work together with site styles. You can change the background colour of the bar, text colour and font.

style options announcement bar.jpg

You can close down the announcement bar by using the X in the top right corner. This way you don’t have to see it all the time. If you want to see the bar again head over to Announcement bar and at the bottom of the page you will see ‘Reset Visibility’. Your customers can close down the bar as well and if you want them to see it again you can edit the announcement bar and hit save. Then it will be a ‘new’ one and it will appear again on your customers website.

Pro tip: Keep this short, direct and to the point

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