Our beautiful brain - A few amazing insights on how our brain works

our beautiful brain

Happiness comes only when we push our brains and hearts to the farthest reaches of which we are capable. ~ Leo Rosten

So I have started listening to the podcast of Jim Kwik and o my goodness is it interesting. In a previous blog post I told you about the story of Jim Kwik, if you haven't read it you can find it here! Jim Kwik is an expert in speed reading, memory improvement and optimal bran performance.


His episode about decoding the female brain with Dr. Stephanie Estima was mind blowing. Find the episode right here!

We have all heard it before that man are from mars and women are from Venus. It is true that male and female brains are different. Here is how! There are 2 sides to the brain, the right and the left side and they develop from the right to the left. The left side is called the male side and this side is it more mathematical, linear, strategic and more analytical. Just because it is called the male side of the brain does not mean females cannot be mathematical, linear, strategic and analytical!

Dopamine is a hormone in the brain that lives on the left side of the brain. Dopamine makes us motivated and keeps us engaged with what we love to do! It keeps us passionate. You can control your dopamine levels yourself. A good example of how dopamine works is checklists. I love checklists and I love nothing more than to accomplish something and crossing it off the list, does that not feel so satisfying? Some people when they do accomplish something and this was not on their checklist, add it on, only for them then to cross it off. The reason is because it releases dopamine! 


The right side of the brain is called the female side and is sensual, passionate, and creative. On this side we can find the hormone serotonin. This is the happy hormone! The difference between dopamine and serotonin is that we don’t raise our own levels of serotonin! These levels get raised by your environment around you! This is people you work with, people you love, friends etc. When your external environment gives you positive feedback it will raise your levels of serotonin, which in turn will raise up levels of dopamine.


Now here is a distinct difference between the male and female brain which for me was a big AHA moment. Men have twice as many serotonergic receptors in their brain compared to women, meaning they can receive twice as much as serotonin compared to us women. This means that we women with half of what men have, need twice as much encouragement and positive reinforcement from our environment to raise the serotonin levels and which then raise our dopamine levels. That is why we females need twice as much love and encouragement, we are not needy, we neurologically need it!


Here is another cool fact about how the brain works during relationships. The female brain has more oestrogen receptors in the brain, which influences the language and communication. Females therefor are good at reading peoples face, tones and non-verbal signs. The male brain does not have oestrogen, but has testosterone, there are a lot of testosterone receptors in the amygdale which is in the temporal lobe that influences anger and emotions. So a women likes to talk things out because this is how they deal with stress, men on the other hand, because they don’t have a big language centre, tend to not feel the need for talking things out.


The brain is the most complicated part of our body. It is able to send and receive a lot of information. There are still many things about the brain that are unclear to doctors and scientists as it is so complex. An adult brain weights about 3 pounds and 75% is made up of water. That is why staying hydrated is very important! Information goes around the brain via neurons and they move information at different speeds, the highest speed is around 250 mph. As the body needs a healthy diet, same goes for the brain! Exercise, eat healthy, and sleep are very important! Some brain food tips: Avocado, blueberries, broccoli, leafy greens, salmon, eggs, turmeric, walnuts, dark chocolate, coconut oil.

I think it is really awesome to learn more about how the brain works because suddenly you learn why you do certain things or feel a certain way. It removes the judgement of how you feel and realise you don’t have to feel bad and you are not weird or a freak.

We are all beautiful in our crazy little ways.

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